Winery 10km

18 Jul
Hunter Valley
$75.00 (plus processing fee) See Race Info for Early Bird or Late Fees

This course is ideal for those building up their running distances or just wanting to push that walk distance out. The course runs through and past wineries and resorts around the Rothbury area.

Who's it for?

This course is ideal for those building up their running distances or just wanting to push that walk distance out. Our fastest runners make it home in under 40 minutes, with the slower walkers often having a 'special' drink stop.


Race Kits Collection

Collection of race kits (number bibs, shirts etc.) will be possible on Saturday of race weekend from 10am - 4 pm and from 5.30am on Sunday morning from the Event Compound at The Vintage Golf Resort and Spa off McDonalds Rd Pokolbin.

You need pick up your kit at least 40min before your race start time. Please account for traffic and crowd issues when arriving.

You will need to provide photo identification to collect your kits or if you are collecting on behalf of another competitor a letter authorising you to collect on behalf of that athlete.

Drink Stations

Will be situated not more than 3km apart on the various courses. Note:

  1. Water and electrolyte is available on all drink stations.
  2. Drink station are available at
    1. 2.5 km, 4km, 6km, 7.5km, 10km, 13km, 16km, 19km and the recovery area.
    2. Also the 21km mark for the marathon second lap.
    3. Jelly beans will be available on selected stations
  1. The same stations repeat for the marathon.
  2. Special needs area will be set up ready for the second lap of the marathon near the start line. Drinks/food etc should be clearly marked with your bib number and dropped off at the drink station at the start line (for the second lap of the marathon).

First Aid

Medical personnel will be available at the race compound and on the course.


A certificate will be presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in all age categories. Random draws will also take place during all presentations.


Will be held as soon as possible after the completion of the Marathon. This is expected to be around 1.00pm.

Wheel Chair Participants and Prams

Due to the various uneven surfaces a specific wheel chair race or category is unfortunately not possible. Competitors wishing to use prams should be aware the course is held on roadways that have a small amount of slow moving traffic passing. The ground is also not even in numerous spots. Prams must start at the back of any starts lines. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

Souvenir Photos

We will have photographers taking photos of you on the course. Go to the day following the race and just enter your bib number or name and your pics will be there. It's magic!

Make a day of it

Sites for marquee for businesses or clubs will be available. Contact our office if you have any queries.


Will be available on the website . Go to


Course Video

2019 Wrap Up. Note venue change for 2021