• Winery Marathon / 21 Jul


    Winery Marathon

    A certified Marathon course around the wineries of the Hunter Valley. This event is a 21.1km loop which is completed twice. On returning for the 2nd lap, you will be greeted by a large crowd waiting to start the other events.

  • Half Marathon / 21 Jul


    Winery Half Marathon

    A beautiful course around the wineries and resorts of the Hunter Valley.

  • Winery 10km / 21 Jul


    Winery 10km

    This course is ideal for those building up their running distances or just wanting to push that walk distance out. The course runs through and past wineries and resorts around the Rothbury area.

  • Winery Wander 6km / 21 Jul


    Winery Wander 6km

    The course runs through The Vintage Golf Resort and Spa with spectacular views over the Hunter Valley

  • Kids Marathon 2km / 21 Jul


    Kids Marathon

    This event can be entered either as a stand along 2km run or as part of the Kids Marathon program, where kids run 5km per weeks for 8 weeks to accumulate 40km and then complete their marathon journey .