Event traffic points:

      1.The event attracts close to 2000 runners/walkers and 2000 spectators to the area over the weekend.

      2.The Running Festival includes a;

      a.Saturday 4.30-10.00pm - Moon Marathon (4 lap night relay) expecting 300 runners

      b.Sunday - 8.00am - Half Marathon (21.1km) – expecting 300 runners

      c.Sunday - 9.30am - 10km – expecting 300 runners

      d.Sunday - 10.15am - 6km – expecting 200 runners

      e.Sunday - 11.00am - Kids Marathon – 2km- expecting 100 runners

      f.Also a small Local produce expo around the Golf Club House

    During the above times, you can expect runners to be using a combination of roadways and golf cart tracks around the following areas: Note, access to golf course is available from 1st tee at 12.30pm on Sunday. Traffic controllers will manage these crossings.

    • Vintage Drive – runners crossing near Golf Club House.
    • Angaphora Drive – runners crossing at cart crossing point
    • Claret Ash & Casuarina Dr – delayed access at crossings.
    • Parking is near the heli-pad off Vintage Dr
    • Mission Drive – short delays East of cart crossing
    • McDonalds Road – short delays (near the Deasys Rd intersection) for ½ marathon runners crossing
    • Deasys Rd – closed to east bound traffic. Traffic flow is west only until approx. 10.00am. Runners will be out and back on northern side of the roadway. Access maintained west bound at 40km p/h with short delays for residents on entry/exit.

    We would appreciate your cooperation by watching out for runners during this period. There will be no full road closures, however some delays at crossing points and diversions will be will be experienced.

    If you have any questions, please contact our East Maitland office on 49348138 or 0409684246


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